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{ Rogue's Gallery } ~ Blast from the Past

The Library and Archives of Canada are acquiring some of my originals to be part of their permanent collection.
That meant going through my collection and picking and choosing
Some of these drawings were included within the submission.
A rogue's gallery of famous/infamous politicians drawn over the years and some sobering events.

All were done graphite on paper.  All were scanned and brought into Photoshop for level adjustments and in some instances captions were added.
I was trying to market these as Op Ed pieces primarily which were more 'neutral' and less opinionated and hopefully would have a longer shelf life for editors.

I really love turn- of- the- century daguerreotypes and the grainy, slightly abstract quality to the early photos - before everything in photography became dominated by hyper realism and clarity.  I was also heavily influenced by the pencil drawings of Hans Holbein.  These two came together for a period and resulted in thes

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